Process is the Product

I post here a quick reflection, an informal reflection of a conversation had between 6 of us on Sunday 26th June, when Trish Nowland had invited us to discuss the (ongoing) formation and consolidation of Integral Down Under (IDU), canvassing ideas and reflections for what this “is” or could be.

Sue kindly took a screen shot of our conversation, which I now reflect here.idu chat

I am the militant Asian nerd on the Southwestern-most corner of the pic. Moving clockwise, above me is Keith Price, followed by John O’Neill. To John’s right is Sue Stack (who has provided the screenshot above). Below Sue is Trish Nowland, founder and catalyst for IDU, and lastly, on the Southeastern-most corner is Dave Sainsbury.

It was only quite belatedly into the conversation that we reflected that it could actually be a good idea to post some reflections on this conversation as a contribution to the wordpress itself.

[[Sketches of thoughts discussed]]



Author: En KW

2007 - B.A. Gender Studies, Dartmouth College (USA) 2011 - GradDip Buddhist Studies, University of Sydney 2018 - M.Ed (Adult Learning), Monash University (HD Research) I am a scholar of Buddhist Studies and a practitioner of Soto Zen and Dudjom Chöd from the Nyingma lineage of Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism. I am of mixed Chinese and Southeast Asian heritages. I am interested in the intersections of queer phenomenology, decolonial / alter-political praxes in transformative adult education.

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