Integral Politics – Down Under Perspectives in Post-Truth Times


What: Integral Politics – Down Under Perspectives in Post-Truth Times online discussion

Where: Online via Zoom (link will be forwarded following your RSVP)

When: Saturday 4 March 2017, 6pm AEDT (5:30pm ACDT)

Why: This online community conversation will play host to both open discussion and facilitated collaborative activity, exploring integral responses to the present circumstances which see us encountering Global Trumpism, and post-truth times.

Join us as we traverse cognitive, sensible, interpersonal, collective and existential truths, exploring blendings of them in an experiential deep dive into the 8 Zones set out in Ken Wilber’s Integral Spirituality, looking for the ways that they inform and connect us to these weirde tymes, of post-truth being.

Please RSVP here if you would like to attend, and we will forward through a link to the Zoom user interface for the call. Email Trish at if you have any questions beforehand. All very welcome, we look forward to chatting with you soon, discerning the reach and breadth, of Integral Politics in Post-Truth Times.

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