Integral New Economics


What: Integral New Economics – a conference call

When: Wed 21 June 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Where: Online via Zoom

Why: Early 21st century economics marks a shift in focus – whereas late 20th century economic analyses still rested much assurance with mathematical analyses of macro and microeconomic models, new approaches bring more emphasis on understandings achieved through distinct special sciences, such that we have ideas such as the Social Economy, Solidarity Economy, Sharing Economy, Collaborative Economy, Peer to Peer Economy, Steady State Economy and Community Economy.

These new proposals for economic perspectives share two key goals: (i) to challenge the current dominant system with its reliance on fossil fuels, large scale resource extraction and socially unjust structures and wealth distribution, and (ii) to create and strengthen diverse economies that serve the needs of people in ways that are socially just, culturally diverse and ecologically sustainable.

We’ll take a look at them with an eye to an integral lens. All welcome to participate in the conversation – Zoom login instructions will be forwarded around on the day before, contact for information on how to join.

It will be great to see you, online. 🙂