Integral Down Under represents a collaborative online hub for folks from diverse backgrounds who hold in common some interest in integral theory, attributed to Ken Wilber, Terri O’Fallon, Sean Esbjorn-Hargens, Susanne Cook-Greuter, among others.

While the term Down Under can be understood as referring to a geographic location, the shared intent here extends beyond arbitrary national boundary. In describing ‘Integral Down Under’ we’re seeking into the generative occasion that is an integral ‘event’ – some deep, dark, hard to access beginning point, some rarified source, some soft underbelly, some unexamined, unexplored or unexpressed modality, of being. Down Under also perhaps captures the notion of an intersection point by virtue of which all appearances are realised, reflecting the first muddy and chaotic ground level point where something comes into being, in part by virtue of what has come before but carrying with it the sense of potential of the as yet unknown, the completely alien, new.

Integral Down Under signifies then a space where ideas, creativity, and integral meet, a grungy underground or fecund loam just on the border of subterranean eruption and brilliant clear and free fresh air.

We welcome then interaction, contribution and communication with folks throughout the world, as well as any media form and any means of expression. From journal article, to blog entry, to interview, to photographic or fine art, and musical or mathematical formula. Get in touch to find out more about being part of the team, emailing trisha dot nowland at mq dot edu dot au.


Trish Nowland

Shinen Wong

Sue Stack

David Sainsbury

Keith Price

John O’Neill


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