Curated Conversations

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Integral Politics – Post-truth Being

An online session hosted on Zoom, a reflective conversation exploring perspectives, worldviews and zones-insights, into our present world circumstances.


One thought on “Curated Conversations”

  1. One of the stimuli for this conversation was Wilber’s “Trump and a Post-Truth World”. An ‘ebook’ that can be easily downloaded. It analyses political developments in America using the integral evolutionary model rather than a quadrant approach. The repetitive nature of the book helped me to finally get an overview of the colours and stages. I could not help but feel it reduced the complexity of the problems a little too much.

    Do Americans start off as republicans and ‘evolve’ into democrats? And how does this play out in the Australian context? It seems useful to pull apart political stances from their primary perspectives…is it all about me, my family, my state, nation or the globe? Is it about today, next week, next month, or the world my children’s children will inherit? It is also useful to be reminded that Trump is a real phenomenon and, like it or not, we have to deal with it rather than simply wailing and gnashing teeth.

    It is difficult for me to see this as a sentient evolutionary force ‘correcting’ itself because the ‘green’ tiered thinkers lost their way in a paralysing post-modern relativism. It is easier for me to see a country with serious social and financial problems regressing to an earlier, more predictable, narrative to explain their situation. Perhaps Trump’s narrative is better adapted to the context of his supporters than the more liberal alternatives. If the success of evolution is predicated on adaptive survival in a particular niche then perhaps Trumpism is a triumph of evolution! It is easy, but practically pointless, to play these word games.

    On the other side is Frank Visser’s response to the eBook, I feel as if I am in some sort of polarity practice. Frank offers astute criticism but not an alternative interpretation. Frank’s obsession with picking holes in Wilber’s writing is matched only by Wilber’s obsession with a somewhat arcane interpretation of evolution.

    Out of this I did discover a jewel. Wilber quotes Nobel prize winner Ilya Prigogine. As is occasionally the case, the true complexity and beauty of the truth gets lost in a simplifying generalisation. I thoroughly recommend reading this relatively long interview

    As a taste :
    “Chardin described the world as if he were outside of it. He was sure that every change, every new bifurcation, was going in the right direction — in the direction of increased spirituality. On the contrary, I am more impressed by the existence of multiple time horizons. A bifurcation can lead us to the best or to the worst. We are participating in an evolution whose outcome isn’t clear to us. So I leave open the question of the meaning of being. I’m not even certain whether, put in these terms, a scientific answer is possible. Probably it has more to do with feelings or emotions. In any event, I believe it is more hopeful, more exhilarating, to be embedded in a living world than to be alone living in a dead universe. And this is really what I try to express in my work.”


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